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Hi there Cloverdale Youth League fans and parents.

We have a parent publicly sharing some information on her personal page regarding the league’s tax exempt status.

Upon applying for a grant last season, we learned that our 501c3 status had been revoked towards the end of the season. So from a technical / tax perspective, we need to file some paperwork to reinstate that status.

Due to the amount of paperwork required to do this, we are currently considering whether or not to get our old number reinstated or just file for a new one. As part of this, we also need to file a form with the Federal government that shows our income statements for 2013-2015, which were not filed due to a miscommunication – the notices were going to the wrong address.

This is basically a paperwork / book keeping thing for the league and will have no bearing on anything other than how the league files its taxes. That’s it. If anyone has any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to me at Taulbee@CloverFootball.com.

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